Zuquilanda Molinero
Organizational information
Also known as

ZMO, Cártel de Cabo San Lucas

Notable members

Juan "El Toro" Zuquilanda Molinero,
Eduardo “Pichi Calvo” Monioya Peña,
Arturo “El Sicario” Trevino,
“La Parca”


Drug Cartel


Los Santos,
Flint County,
Red County,
Las Venturas,
Bone County,
San Fierro


Murder for Hire, Kidnapping,
Human Trafficking, Weapons Trafficking,
Drug Trafficking, Extortion,


Inconclusive at this time.

The Cabo San Lucas Cartel (Spanish: Cártel de Cabo San Lucas), also known as the Zuquilanda Molinero Organization, is a Mexican drug cartel based in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. The Cabo San Lucas Cartel was once heavily influenced by the neighboring and much larger Tijuana Cartel, but since the fall of the Arellano-Félix brothers and the Sinola Cartel's incursion into the Baja California peninsula, ZMO have became a more dominate force within the Cabo San Lucas area and the rest of the Baja California peninsula, right to Tijuana. ZMO once acted as a smaller cell for the larger Tijuana Cartel, this resulted in financial aid, military training and a close to unlimited supply of weaponry and ammunition. As ZMO grew and the Tijuana Cartel shrunk, the Sinola Cartel took noticed and substituted itself in the Tijuana Cartel's place. This shift of power resulted in ongoing blood shed between ZMO, the Sinola Cartel and the now weakened and scattered Tijuana Cartel. The DEA claims that with the backing of the Sinola Cartel, ZMO have moved their operations into Southern California. Multiple informants for the DEA have claimed they ZMO's reach is as far north as Seattle, Washington and as far east as Dallas, Texas - but this information has yet to be corroborated. Along with their close relationship to the Sinola Cartel, ZMO is said to have close relations with what is left of the once dominate Colombian Cartels, more specifically La Oficina de Envigado. The connection to the Colombian Cartel has been linked to an individual by the name of ''Carlos “Caliche” Zapata Quiroz'', a known affiliated of the said organization. The DEA and Mexican Authorities claim that Zapata Quiroz was killed in a gun battle which took place between the Mexican Army and a small band associated with Escuadrón de la muerte de Cuauhtémoc, the armed or militant wing of the Zuquilanda Molinero Organization.

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