Zeffross Montell Burnett
Biographical information

Baby Ross
Big Ross




March 13th, 1994 (Age: 20)

Physical description



6 ft

Hair color


Eye color

Dark brown

Familial and political information
Known family

Jasper Burnett (Father)
Denise Higgins (Mother)
Ulena Burnett (Sister)
Julius Strickland (Cousin)


Spook Town Murder Squad (Formerly)
Guts of Glory Music Entertainment

Miscellaneous information

Guts of Glory Music Entertainment (CEO)

Owned vehicles

2007 BMW E66 760Li
2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4
2014 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum

Zeffross Montell Burnett (born March 13, 1994), better known by his stage name Bankhead, formerly Baby Ross, is an American rapper, entrepreneur and businessman. In 2014, Ross founded the record label imprint Guts of Glory Music Entertainment, on which he has released his studio songs 28 Days Later (2014) , Hard Grind (2014) and other influential hip hop tracks. In late 2014 Ross was recognized as the richest rapper in Los Santos. His estimated net worth is around $1,350,000 dollars.

Life and career Edit

Zeffross Montell Burnett was born and raised in Los Santos, San Andreas. Although, as many other Afro-Americans, he had caught up with street gang life at an early age. He was inducted to the Spook Town Murder Squad (Crip set based in Ganton) by his cousin Julius Strickland who himself had formed the gang with some of his childhood friends. Soon after the gang was discontinued Ross acquired a small loan from his family so he could attend college and eventually move away from the gutter. Eventually he graduated and had made enough money to acquire an apartment on his own in Vinewood where he continued to plan his life ahead.

Guts of Glory Music Entertainment Edit

Soon after he had saved some of his money Ross had acquired a small studio based in Verona Mall area where he opened up, now his notorious, Guts of Glory Music Entertainment record label imprint. Soon after the word had gotten out the label had signed its first rappers like Vitch, D.U.B.S. and Ar-Money, one of Ross' close friends and the leader of the Atlantica Avenue Hoover Criminals, Armani Bolden. The sole purpose of opening up a label was to introduce young artists and people born in the poverty to music, allowing people to express their life experiences or just rhyme some words together, so the person listening to the song could find some joy in it.

Cash Gang Edit

Soon after the label had established its name in Los Santos, Zeffross formed a supergroup called Cash Gang which currently features numerous artists of the label. Their first debut song was called Reminisce. Currently Cash Gang and #GGME clothing is available for purchase in Dupont Fashion stores around Los Santos.


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