The Montalvo Connection
Organizational information

Vincent Montalvo

Also known as

The Montalvo Cartel

Led by

Vincent Montalvo


Drug cartel


Los Santos


assault, bookmaking, burglary
gun running, contract killing, bootlegging
drug trafficking, extortion, fencing
fraud, illegal gambling, humantrafficking
jewelry heist, loansharking, money laundering
murder and robbery

Chronological and political information


Los Santos, 2010


The Contreras Cartel

The Montalvo Connection is a modern-day connection to Mexico​, an offspring of the formerly successful Contreras Cartel which was founded in the late 1970's by Benjamin Contreras. The daily schedule of the Contreras Cartel included various illegal activities, shadowed by their many legal fronts. These illegal activities consisted of the stereo-typical bulk trafficking of narcotics, human trafficking, arms trafficking, extortion, money laundry, kidnapping, murder and various other vicious crimes. This string of consecutive vicious crimes had been put to a prompt stop after the fall of Benjamin Contreras' reign in 1989 after his conspicuous way of business had been compromised over the phone by the state police of New Mexico. The fall of Benjamin Contreras led to a period of chaos and anarchy within the organization. Eventually replaced by the successor Arturo Mendez whom enforced a more discrete way of doing business. This enforced discretion led to a prolonged reign for Arturo Mendez, merely had been put to a full stop by the apprehension of Eduardo Echevarria nowadays referred to as Lieutenant Rat. Ten members were revealed to broad daylight, leading to another period of severe chaos and disperse; including the departure of lieutenant Vincent Montalvo, whom was advised to flee to the state of San Andreas in the year of 2010, by the successor of Arturo Mendez; Sebastian Calvillo. Vincent Montalvo nowadays runs a small-time crew called The Montalvo Connection. This simple modern-day connection is based in the city of Los Santos with a hand full of old associates and footsoldiers from the previous eras in the state of New Mexico. Awaiting the seemingly never coming repair of the notorious cartel formerly known as ​The Contreras Cartel whilst Vincent and his crew desperately try to pull some strings in Mexico to maintain dying connections in the country Mexico itself and start their endeavor to operate covertly.

In 2015, a high ranking Montalvo member was taken into custody for numerous protection rackets all around Los Santos. He was identified as Pablo "Picasso" Iglesias, a famed pornstar, commonly known for starring in MPOV adult films.

Pablo was later identified as the leader of numerous prostitution rings, drug trafficking cells, and hitmen services. He was reportedly seen at Vincent Montalvo's home in Richman, Vinewood. He along with "Nando" Chikira, and Majestic X8 members was accountable for numerous murders throughout Los Santos although no evidence and therefore a small amount of charges was laid out for Pablo.

Pablo Iglesias is supposedly a famed Sicario in Albuquerque, New Mexico under the Contreras Cartel, before being "borrowed" by Vincent Montalvo in what was the first Los Santos cartel.