Steven Ramos
Biographical information



May 10th 1988 (Age: 28)
All Saints General Hospital
Los Santos

Physical description

Italian American


6'7 (CM: 200)

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Portrayed By

Leonardo DiCaprio

Familial and political information
Known family

Spouse Jessica Wilson
Daughter Janet Rodrigeuz


Independent Party

Miscellaneous information

Ex Cab Driver of Yellow Cab Company
Ex Driver Grade 4 of RS Haul
CEO/Fdr of Wayne & Ramos Incorporated
Ex Captain of Los Santos Fire Department
Ex Cadet of San Andreas Highway Patrol
Ex Driver I of Sharp Towing
Ex Bus Operator/Driver of Los Santos Bus
Nursing Assistant at All Saints General Hospital

Owned vehicles

1987 Kawasaki GPZ1000RX
2007 Hummer H3
2013 Yamaha YZF-R6
2014 MV Agusta F4
2013 Stereo Electric
2014 Scott Genius
2007 Rodman 1250
1979 Dufour Arpege
1993 Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Carrier
2004 Dynamax Isata
2012 Eastern Bikes Reaper
2015 Chevrolet Suburban SSV
2004 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R
2008 Saturn Aura XR
2006 Chevrolet Colorado
2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide CVO
2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport
2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
2017 Lexus RC F
1999 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage
Net worth: $1,334,048

Early LifeEdit

Steven was Born in All Saints General Hospital on May 10th 1988 in Los Santos, San Andreas. He traveled to Manchester, Connecticut to go to High School and went to Manchester High School for an Dimploma , Manchester Community College to get an Masters Degree in Business and Masters in Fire Science , New England Institute of Technology to get an Associates in Criminal Justice and Doctorate of Medical Science. Steven Previously served in the Los Santos Fire Department, Retired as an heavily decorated Captain, Also Previously served in the San Andreas Highway Patrol, Failed the Cadet Stage in the year he was there. Also worked for Sharp Towing in Los Santos, Retired as ether an Driver I or as Company Manager. With this much work experience under his belt, his company will be an success once it has employees.

He practices Hinduism which is the third largest religion on the planet and he does it for an better afterlife. Steven is an Alcoholic and drinks booze and vodka here and there at times when not working, once Marijuana is legal fully, he will be using it when off duty from work. Steven is an Former Conceal Carry Weapon Permit Owner.(CCWP)[1] Insert non-formatted text here

Returning Back To San AndreasEdit

On October 15th 2016, Steven did officially Return back to San Andreas to get his life back on track after being out of state for so long. After he gets his life back on track he will stop working for Los Santos Bus and apply for Cadet at the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department as another attempt to serve law enforcement in San Andreas. He did see Christina recently and will continue to hangout with Los Santos Fire Department in his free time.AS of October 20th 2016, Steven did apply for Los Santos County Sheriff's Department and is waiting for all of his background checks to go through before the interview.[2] Steven invested $10 - 11K in to Charles Williams' Metro Public Safety to get his business off the ground.

Future Political CareerEdit

If Steven went in to having an Political Career for the Government of Los Santos, he would try to run for Mayor and will be representing the Independent Party. His first duties will be making Marijuana legal for the city & will remove to attempt to override unconstitutional laws, including making all drugs completely decriminalized with no criminal penalties.


Steven Met Christina Lynn Thompson on March 16th 2016, out in front of Los Santos Fire Department after receiving an call of an minor bike crash in to an sign. Him & Christina took trips around San Andreas & San Tortuguilla.

Christina and Steven on Mt Chilliad

Photo of Christina & Steven on the the top of Mount Chiliad

Steven & Christina head to mount chiliad sometimes to get out of city life. On April 8th 2016, Steven was moving out of San Andreas, both Steven and Christina did break up from being engaged. Steven moved to Colorado to expand his business there. When Steven returned back to Los Santos, He realized Christina was living an good an happy life with Jacob Goldsmith[3] & had only one child. Christina Lynn Goldsmith is currently an Ex Girlfriend of Steven. Steven plans on finding an new girlfriend someday to have an successful life along with an new Permanente job to keep the income flowing and to help out his family, Steven's Relationship with Christina Wilson lasted until October 7th 2017.

Los Santos Fire DepartmentEdit

Steven's Experience in Los Santos Fire Department, He started working for the Los Santos Fire Department on October 18th 2015, When George Murphy was Captain & Nick Deimous was Fire Chief and later Fire Commissioner. His LSFD application was reviewed and accepted by Connor Adams. His recruiter was Urshankov Ramerov who interviewed and decided weather he made it in to LSFD or not before moving on to training. He was trained by Former Fire Chief Sebastian Wright on Basic Fire Operations (BFO), Basic Life Support (BLS), Intermediate Life Support (ILS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), Supervisor Training Course, Command Training Course. This makes up 75% of his overall training. He was trained by Khalil Martinez on Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) and trained by Alison Rhodes on Hazardous Materials (HAZ-MAT). With all of that training he has saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives, and has pu8nished employees for breaking fireman's protocol.

Steven has also been able to do complicated USAR recues with his crew and even at times he has managed to help retrieve vehicles that are sunken. He has also autographed things for people for doing such maximum performance and reliability. Once Steven Decided he was ready to retire from Los Santos Fire Department on April 8th 2016 from successfully climbing the Ladder from Academy Student to ending at Captain which is one rank away from Battalion Chief. He retired happily & remembering his original awards earned, nearly maxed out on all of the awards you can earn, He Retired when Wagih Tamer Was Fire Chief, Alison Rhodes was Deputy Fire Chief and Eric Griffin was Battalion Chief. Steven served in Divisions: Urban Search & Rescue, When he started it was called Rescue Squad 1 (RS1) and later renamed to Search And Rescue Unit (SAR), He became Director of it at the rank of Engineer, His Deputy Director was Reginald Jones as known as Father Jones. Which he was later replaced by Ovanes Ovanezov. Steven lead the Los Santos Red Cross Unit (LSRC) at the rank of Lieutenant, when Sebastian Wright became Battalion Chief - Deputy Fire Chief. That unit eventually got disbanded. Steven later did lead Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) for an short period of time before his retirement, Steven served in the Internal Affairs Unit (IA) for an short period of time, after being told he was no longer needed in it since that unit moved up to minimal requirement of need to be hand picked based on performance and handling of firefighters that break protocol. Steven has served in to Recruitment Unit (RU) and has interviewed a lot of people to see if they meet the minimal requirements before moving on to training. He has trained many people for Los Santos Fire Department and even trained a lot of people for USAR. Steven was trained by Eric Griffin for the Rapid Response Unit (RR) and Fire Prevention Unit (FPU) for additional duties. He was trained by Sebastian Wright for the Dispatch Unit (DU) and was able to keep up with calls coming in and dispatching the proper units for it. He used Command CAR #3 as his personal Mobile Command Center. He also served in Training Unit (TU) when Sebastian Wright was leading it, his highest rank for that unit was Head Instructor. He served Human Resources Unit (HRU) when Alison Rhodes was Director of that unit. Steven was an Member of the LSFD Supervisory Team for two ranks and same for the Command Team. Steven's Favorite Fire Chiefs that are Darren Baker, Sebastian Wright , Wagih Tamer & Favorite Deputy Fire Chiefs that are Darren Baker , Sebastian Wright , Urshankov Ramerov , Wagih Tamer. Steven's Former LSFD Badge Numbers are #316, #201. Steven fully retired from Los Santos Fire Department fully 6 - 24 Hours after Fire Chief Sebastian Wright resigned from the department. One of the friends he still remembers is an Los Santos Fire Department Elder Dustin Bryant .Awards Steven earned during his time in Los Santos Fire Department: Ribbons: Firefighter I ,Firefighter II ,Firefighter III, Engineer, Chief Engineer, Lieutenant, Captain, Technical Rescue, Dive Team, EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-P, EMS, Engine Crew, Ladder Crew ,Basic Life Support, Intermediate Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Basic Fire Operations, Advanced Fire Operations, Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) ,5 Years of Service Supervisory Team ,Command Team, Instructor ,Head Instructor, First Responder Awards: EMS Commendation, Fire Commendation, Administrative Commendation, Unit Commendation Exceptional Duty, Firefighter Commendation, Distinguished Service, Meritorious Conduct, Lifesaving Medal, Medal for Bravery, Medal of Valor, Medal of Honor, Purple Heart.

LSFD Retired Badge

Steven remembers when he first met Anthony Gagliano[4] , Michael Gagliano, John Gagliano,Louis Gagliano, George Murphy let them in since he knew they where experienced, The first incident they had with fellow workers was stealing Daren Baker's 2015 Chevrolet Caprice Limited Police Package and using it to go Code 3 for an non-emergency, all of the Gaglianos involved where suspended as an outcome from Los Santos Fire Department High Command & Los Santos Police Department, they nearly got arrested for equipment theft.

Steven's worst Incident in the Los Santos Fire Department happened October 19th 2015 on Miss-using an AED and shocking an wet patient in the face while En Route to County General Hospital, the patient died as an result on the major mistake, the 1080p Rear Interior Camera of Ford F-450 Braun Chief XL, on that day he was suspended for 24 - 48 Hours and he felt like he was going to be getting arrested and charge with murder, Sebastian Wright managed to bail him out and told the police that the patient died before the shock and he learned from his mistake and never did repeat it once.

Los Santos Fire Department Uniformed FireFighters Association Logo

He eventually met Robert Galione, David O'Mara, John Corrigan,Ryan Bennett The are the ones who founded Los Santos Fire Department Uniformed FireFighters Association to keep firefighter's protected from Internal Affairs and to avoid High Command - Command power tripping.

Another thing Steven remembers is when Sebastian Wright became Fire Chief of Los Santos Fire Department shortly after Darren Baker retired, he got an 2016 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ 4WD imported to be able to go to scenes faster, Steven was able to drive his vehicles to him upon request to his house in Angel Pine and it was faster than his own Station Assigned Vehicle at close to 290KM/H (180MPH) for an top speed. Him and Sebastian have took an few fishing trips out to the open ocean.

The most Firefighters Steven's job ever lost from death was 10 - 12 during his time in Los Santos Fire Department, the cause of death varies and what Darren Baker did was make an memorial wall to honor them. Steven's most memorable attempted save, was attempting to Nathan Jones it took Steven three hours of attempts or around 60-70 tries with 2 AED & Lifepak resets and after no luck the RA (Rescue Ambulance) nearly was out of fuel along with nearly an dead battery, drove CODE 2 to County General Hospital, shortly after announcing his death on the 2 way radio.

Steven Remembers when San Andreas Medical Response also known as Los Santos Ambulance Company did work with the Los Santos Fire Department under a Agreement, that is the first department on scene is Scene Commander, but SAMR violated it shortly, then disrupted the citywide radio.

Memorial WallEdit

Here is the list of firefighters that Steven remember who died from his beginning to his end of his time there.

  1. Nathan Jones
  2. James Foxfort
  3. Micheal Abrutzii
  4. Reginald Jones (Did Terrorism)
  5. Alison Rhodes
  6. Maria Summers

Past coming to bite him back & a new beginningEdit

Steven looked at the document about his daughter, he regrets not being there for Janet Rodrigeuz's early childhood years. He saw the document on September 3rd 2017, then he contacted Jessica Wilson about it. At this point He is going to be marrying Jessica Wilson, so that his relationship is complete.

The Off-roading incidentEdit

Steven went off-roading with William Nicholson to that dangerous and most steep sides of the mountain, William flipped his 1969 GMC C/K he fell after one wrong turn, it was instantly a rescue mission for body recovery. Plus the 1969 GMC C/K wasn't built for off roading.

San Andreas Highway PatrolEdit

Steven's San Andreas Highway Patrol Experience, Steven first joined San Andreas Highway Patrol on November 27th 2015, he went on all of the required ride alongs, He was on scene on the December 1st 2015 Los Santos City Hall Protests, After that scene was over, it was back to the ride along and final training was on December 3rd 2015, which he did fail then returned back to working for Los Santos Fire Department fully.

All Saints General HospitalEdit

Steven was interviewed by Zoe Randall on January 18th 2017 and his Starting rank is a Nursing Assistant, to this day he still remembers his past mistakes and if he makes one mistake, he fears his career is over. He got trained by Sebastian Wright on working at the hospital.

Occupations in more DetailEdit

Clothing DesignsEdit

  1. Black Hand Triads Memorial Shirt: White with BHT Logo Bht logp

Vehicles Owned in more DetailEdit

Former House LocationsEdit

  1. 14, Clean Street,Palomino Creek (With Garage), Cost: $55,000
  2. 3, Marina Canal, Los Santos (With Garage), Cost: $155,000

Personal Housing Improvement ProjectsEdit

14, Clean Street,Palomino Creek & It's Garage: Upgrade: CCTVs (Standard): 14, Upgrade Value: $30,000
3, Marina Canal, Los Santos & It's Garage: Upgrade: CCTVs: 12, Night vision CCTVs: 12: , Infrared CCTVs: 12, 360° CCTVs: 12, Anti-Burglar Alarm: 8 , Fingerprint Scanner: 2, Retina Scanner: 2, Upgrade Value: $120,000


14, Clean Street,Palomino Creek & It's Garage: $5,000 for a full week.

Personal Vehicle ProjectsEdit

  1. 1987 Kawasaki GPZ1000RX: Painted Black, Installed Toll Pass
  2. 2007 Hummer H3:Painted Black, Installed Toll Pass, Off road Tires, Snow Tires, Orange Strobe Lights, Tire Chains Installed
  3. 2013 Yamaha YZF-R6:Painted Black, Installed Toll Pass
  4. 2014 MV Agusta F4:Painted Black, Installed Toll Pass
  5. 2013 Stereo Electric:Painted Black
  6. 2014 Scott Genius: Painted Black
  7. 2007 Rodman 1250: Painted Black
  8. 1979 Dufour Arpege : Painted Black
  9. 1993 Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Carrier:Painted Black, Installed Toll Pass, Off road Tires, Snow Tires, Orange Strobe Lights, Tire Chains Installed
  10. 2004 Dynamax Isata :Painted Black, Installed Toll Pass, Off road Tires, Snow Tires, Orange Strobe Lights, Ramp, Tire Chains Installed
  11. 2012 Eastern Bikes Reaper:Painted Black
  12. 2004 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R: Painted Yellow
  13. 2008 Saturn Aura XR: Windshield: All Saints Hospital Parking Pass: S. Ramos, Rear Bumper: Bumper Stickers: Former Firefighter/Paramedic of Los Santos Fire Department, Proud Supporter of the Jane Marie Adams Memorial Building,Emergency Medical Services Registration Plate.

Station Assigned Vehicle ProjectsEdit

  1. 2015 Chevrolet Suburban SSV (Station Assigned Vehicle to #201 in Los Santos Fire Department) (FBI Rancher): Loaded in trunk Inflatable Landing Pad, Extra Medical bag(s): BLS, ILS, ALS (X1 of Each), Rope, Fire extinguisher(s): Classes: A, B, C, D,E,F,K (X1 of Each), Jaws of Life, Hurst Tool, Hydraulic Ram, Snow Tires, Tire Chains, Glow Sticks (First Responder Grade, Pack of 50 X3), Ceremonial Uniform (X2), Hospital Uniform, Paramedic Uniform (X2), Station Uniform with PASS device, Bunker Gear, USAR Driving Suit, USAR Bunker Gear, Spinal board,Kendrick Extrication Device (KED), Cervical collar, Automated external defibrillator, Lifepak, Suction Kit, Oxygen tank, Scuba set with additional Diving equipment, Hazmat suit, Additional Two-way radio ,Additional Notepads, Clipboards, Forms, Handcuffs, Duty Belt, Self-contained breathing apparatus, Hose pack, Pike pole, Gas mask, Spare tire, Space blanket, USAR Helmet,Ski Mask, First aid kit (X6), Flashlight (X3), Oxycodone (X8), Epinephrine (X8),Morphine (X8),Panasonic Toughbook CF-25,Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X1 ,In Front: Mobile data terminal, Scanner (radio),1080pDashcam, Toll Pass, Portable Television ,Vehicle Gun Safe ,Elsewhere on the vehicle: Emergency Lights, On Front: Vehicle Siren,Rhino Pushbar ® 3000 Series StepGuard, Winch ,On the Roof: Ladder, On Bumpers:License Plate: LSFD72

Currently Owned FirearmsEdit

Formerly Owned FirearmsEdit



External LinksEdit

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