Stanley Rosenfeld
Biographical information



United States


November 23rd, 1975
Clovis, New Mexico

Physical description

Caucasian (German-Irish descent)


6' 1" (181cm)

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Carl Rosenfeld(father)
Maureen Benson(step-mother)

Daniel Benson (step-brother)


Deadly Dozen MC, New Mexico

Miscellaneous information
Stanley Rosenfeld was born in Clovis, New Mexico to Carl and Katherine Rosenfeld. Katherine died in a car accident in 1977, just two years after Stanley's birth. Carl Rosenfeld quickly fell in with a local by the name of Maureen Benson. Maureen, by the time she'd met up with Carl Rosenfeld, had already had a son from a previous marriage named Daniel.Daniel was Stanley's elder by five years, thus, by the time he was a teenager, he was allegedly able to coerce the unsuspecting Stanley into homosexual acts between the ages of about 8 to 11 when Stanley's father finally found out what was happening between the two boys. In Maureen's absence, Carl Rosenfeld beat Daniel to the point where he'd received permanent injuries to the spinal column and cord, paralyzing him from the legs down. Stanley was also severely beaten.

At the age of 12, Stanley was moved to a group home, separated from Daniel and Maureen while Carl had received an 18 year prison sentence. The sexual exploitation continued with older boys at the group home, but by the time Stanley had turned 15, he'd turned his attention towards females and would regularly sneak out to regularly engage in sexual activity with various female partners.

At the age of 18, Stanley was released from the group home. He marketed himself for a short period as a prostitute to men, but soon came in contact with the Deadly Dozen Motorcycle Club. He was taken in as a hang around, and eventually a prospect. At this point he'd picked up a notable methamphetamine habit. By 1998, though, Stanley fled New Mexico and began traveling the southwest and west coat, still claiming membership of the Deadly Dozen MC as a nomad. As a transient, Stanley committed small time crimes over several states before being caught in Oklahoma in a burglary while coming down off of a meth high. Stanley served 4 years for the crime, being arrested one more time a year later for possession of a controlled substance. A stolen .22 caliber rifle was also found in his place of residence at the time, and he spent another 5 years in prison in Texas, where he loosely affiliated himself with the Texas Aryan Brotherhood. Presently, Stanley remains a transient.

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