The Saint Francis Projects are a small grouping of project housing blocks built by the Los Santos Public Housing Authority in 1961 in order to house the swelling population in Willowfield. Since the projects' creation in 1961, the area has been predominantly African-American. The Saint Francis Projects have also provided sanctuary to street gangs and drug organizations since the late 1960's up to present day, such as the S/E Blue Disciples, Atlantica Avenue Hoover Criminals, and the Saint Francis Crook Squad, all Crip affiliated sets.

The Saint Francis Housing Projects and the surrounding area are generally considered violent and are therefore considered undesirable in many aspects.

The racial makeup of the Saint Francis Housing Projects and surrounding area is as follows - 89.7% Black, 5.5% Caucasian, 2.3% Hispanic or Latino, 2% Asian and .5% Pacific Islander/Native American/Other.