Organizational information
Also known as

Francis Street Crips - Killowfield Crips

Led by

Markeith Knox

Notable members

Cameron Humphrey Elio Barksdale Kevaughn King Joshua Witaker Bodie Hawkins





Chronological and political information


Bloods In nearby area of Ganton + Seville



The Saint Francis Crook Squad, also nicknamed the Killowfield Murder Posse, Killowfield Crips, Saint Francis Mafia, Francis Street Crips and a slew of other unofficial names are a street gang based out of the Saint Francis Housing Projects in Willowfield, Los Santos. The gang consists mostly of youths and teenagers and is thought to be a decidedly disorganized operation, though it is possible that there is a group of older members in charge. The organization is heavily involved in the drug trade, peddling such substances as cocaine, crack-cocaine, heroin and prescription medications.

The Saint Francis Crook Squad has had an ongoing violent rivalry with the Crenshaw Boulevard Families and other Bloods sets in the surrounding Ganton and Seville neighborhoods. The Saint Francis Crook Squad may be connected to at least 6 gang related homicides in the Southeastern Los Santos neighborhoods.

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