Raphael Andrades
Biographical information

El Conejo




February 20th, 1981 (Age:33)
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Physical description

5'11 (180cm)

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Eye color


Familial and political information
Known family

Ricardo Salgado (Father)
Ivanna Andrades (Mother)
Bianca Andrades (Sister)
Guadalupe Mata-Andrades (Grandmother)
Hugo Andrades (Grandfather)


The Montalvo Connection
The Contrèras Cartel

Miscellaneous information

Shoe Shack

Early LifeEdit

Raphael was born to a relatively poor family in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1981. Raphael quickly succumbed to a local sureños set as he grew older, completing menial tasks for older members by the age of 10 and participating in drug trafficking and fights by the age of 14. Though he remained enrolled in school and excelled in many of his courses, much of his weekends and after-school hours were spent surrounded by gang members.

Andrades, at the age of 16, was tried (as a minor,) and convicted of attempted murder. The charges were brought on by a situation wherein Andrades, armed, entered into a confrontation with another older resident and supposed gang member in the area. Andrades was found two blocks from the scene by law enforcement officers, still with the firearm. There were no eyewitnesses in the situation, though Andrades had a bruised face and knuckles, the victim having bruised knuckles as well in addition to the gunshot wound in his lower right abdomen. Raphael pleaded guilty to the charges.

He was released after 19 months from the youth detention center where he was held, almost immediately after his 18th birthday. Shortly after his release, Andrades met Vincent Montalvo, whom he quickly became friendly with, going as far to help Montalvo out with a cocaine habit.

Adulthood and CurrentEdit

Raphael worked alongside Montalvo for a number of years, remaining low in The Contrèras Cartel's ranks, which served him well when the organization all but fell apart, as he was not named as a primary target. For a year after Montalvo's departure to Los Santos, San Andreas, Andrades remained in Albuquerque with his mother and father. In 2011, Raphael moved to Los Santos as well to aid Vincent Montalvo.

With the creation of The Montalvo Connection, Raphael was named the lieutenant of the organization, continuing to work closely with Vincent Montalvo. Though notably less gruesome and vicious than his counterpart, Andrades still maintains a reputation of fierce, quick and sometimes reasonless violence.

Raphael is known to use members, often called Sicarios, for any dirty deeds. He has been reportedly seen with gang members and cartel associates throughout Las Colinas, including Pablo "Picasso" Iglesias, and "Mando", a Majestic X8 gang member.