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Custom skins have firstly been introduced in OwlGaming in a business called Dupont Fashion. Technically speaking, this script, made by 'cat' (that's his name, not his race) exclusively, places shaders on top of existing scripts. Thus, it's adding skins, not replacing them. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own skin. Please read the text below before watching the video on the right.

(Pay Attention And Read Careful)


Before going on, make sure you are well prepared. Have a plan of what you want to do. You must have these two softwares:

  1. TXD Workshop at - This allows you to extract txd files (which we'll talk about later)
  2. Any image modification software such as Photoshop, GIMP, etc. (I use GIMP in my tutorial since its easy to use and free.)

Then, you want to know which skin you'll modify. Either browse the skins in-game at any clothing shop, or use MTA's wiki at Once you know the ID of your skin, get on OwlGaming's server and type: /getclothingtexture [ID] (without [ and ]'s). It will return you a line, like this one (I used ID '276' skin)

Model 276 has sfemt as primary texture.

Manually note the texture name somewhere. In this case, I'd note 'sfemt'.

You can now watch the video before going any further!

Sending your modificationEdit

Obviously, there's no other way than testing your skin in-game to see if it works. Simply head over to Dupont Fashion and submit it. We will need:

  1. The original skin ID
  2. A link where your image is hosted (imgur, imageshack, etc.)
  3. A short description of your clothing

After testing and approbation (may take up to a day or two, depending on how the clothing shop's staff are available), it will be added to our shop. If it is private, you'll pay for its exclusivity. If it's public, it is going to be cheaper.

(Note: If you RPly made it, come see us in-game! However, we do accept forum PMs about it. You may PM 'cat' or 'anumaz'.)