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Label founder Zeffross "Bankhead" Burnett photographed in the shooting of a music video.

Guts of Glory Music Entertainment also known as GGME is an American record label founded by musician and entrepeneur Zeffross "Ross" Burnett located on Los Santos: it includes mostly rappers and hip hop musicians who represent the large majority of the music distributed by the label.

Burnett spent the vast majority of his teenage years and his early adulthood involved with petty crimes and gang affiliation with a local Crip set and later founded the label as a social project to provide local artists with a chance of having their talent apretiated and their voice heard and to protect juviniles from the dangers of gang affiliation through orienting them into a career path by providing scholarships and financial support to the musically gifted.

The label consisted of Ross going by the name of "Baby Ross" and other close neighborhood friends at the most early stage with distribution being limited to local retail and most advertising coming from word of mouth: artists like Ar-Money and DUBS would be the first talent to sign in with talent such as Wulf or Vitch signing in on a later phase.

The first hit for the budding business came in early November when the song "My Riches" by Wulf gained a significant following in the Los Santos County area: the violent deaths of Ar-Money and $haro attributed to gang-related rivalries would bring the label into the public eye and bring most of the releases made by the recently-deceased artists into considerable sales.

A contract for distribution of GGME branded clothing by local distributor Dupont Fashion and an increase in popularity of the label amongst the state population proved to be the next step for the budding business which was labeled one of the most promising indie studios in the US.