Gregory Nazaryan(left)
Biographical information

Rory Nazaryan




June 21st

Physical description
Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Heghnar Ajelian(mother)
Lisa Nazaryan(sister)


Armenian Power 13
al-Najjar Gang

Miscellaneous information

Gregory Benjamin Nazaryan is an Armenian-American burglar and thief affiliated with Armenian Power 13 and loosely affiliated with core members of the al-Najjar Gang. Nazaryan is a young drug dealer known for putting heroin, morphine and marijuana on the market.


Early LifeEdit

Gregory Nazaryan grew in the vicinity of Temple and Vinewood, precisely in Little Armenia. At young age, Nazaryan was already influenced by numerous uncles and cousins whom were supposedly connected to the Armenian Power 13 clique. Heghnar Ajelian and Gregory were deserted by Nikol Nazaryan, the father, after various conflicts. The last conflict reportedly involved physical contact, and resulted in Ajelian being heavily beaten. She was hospitalized and Gregory and his sister went to involuntarily live with their Armenian Power 13-affiliated uncle. It was thereafter announced the Nazaryan children were obliged to remain at their uncle, due to Ajelian's crack cocaine addiction.

From thereon, Nazaryan aged and his decisions were influenced by his gang-infested surroundings. Nazaryan got in contact with police after assaulting a Latino gang member on a basketball field in East Vinewood, joined by a shocking amount of 11 other Armenian Power 13-affiliated youths. Despite the numbers, the Latino boy was rescued by police. The initiator, Vardan Derderian, was consequently shot down a week later. The shooters were Latino gang members and shot Derderian outside a garage owned by Derderian's uncle. The police suspected the death of the 15-year old Armenian boy to be gang affiliated, though never truly investigated the case.