Franklin Camtpon
Biographical information

F', Franky Boy




February 5, 1984 (Age: 30)

Hong Kong


May 20, 2014 (Aged 31)

Physical description




Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Alex Dianova† (Girlfirend)


Harlan Connection (Formely)

Miscellaneous information

The Jefferson Lounge

Owned vehicles


Franklin Campton (born February 5, 1984. Died May 20th, 2014.) was an Afro-American male  which was currently located in Los Santos and was working in Jefferson Lounge as bartender and in recent events took over control of the business . Franklin was hoping that he could find out more about his origin and give a proper respects to his father and mother when he returns back to China.


China. (Early life)Edit

Franklin Campton's origin remains unknown even to this day. All he recently got a knowledge of, is that he was adopted by Chinese father and mother in the age of 7. He had a brother (Tao Sheng) and a sister (Melissa Sheng). He was the only afro-american boy in the family. Mother of Franklin wasn't really fond of him. She couldn't even give a simple smile or a nod towards him. His father, on the other hand, tried to make a good of Franklin, by taking Franklin with him on the meetings with his "business" associates. When Franklin was 17, one day he was coming  back home as he heard shots and screams coming from the apartment he and his family lived in. He was hiding behind the trash bin on the staircase and waited until the men left the apartment. When he came in, he saw his father was shot multiple times in the head and his mother shot too. He found his younger sister hiding in the closet and gave last words to his father and mother while he took money he could find and left for Hong-Kong International Airport. He and his sister moved on to live in Liberty City.


Los Santos. (Present life)Edit

In early April, Franklin Campton  moved into Los Santos seeking lifestyle that suited him well for a long time. Franklin currently works in Jefferson Lounge as bartender which is located in Jefferson near East Los Santos. Franklin is set to be involved in a crew of Irishmen and Americans from Harlan.  

Death. (Last moments.)Edit

Franklin died on the evening of May 20th, 2014. His dead body was found in Jefferson Lounge. He was shot in the head once with .44 Caliber. Franklin's origin is unknown and it's supposed that Franklin died out of his lust for money and for power. Since Alex Dianova died Franklin was becoming much more unstable and was diagnosed with psychotic stresses. It is known that Franklin tried to assault a doctor in County General Hospital.