Escuadrón de la muerte de Cuauhtémoc
Organizational information
Also known as

EMC, Cuauhtémoc's Death Squad

Notable members

Undisclosed amount of people


Para-Military Organization


Los Santos,
Flint County,
Red County,
Las Venturas,
Bone County,
San Fierro


Murder for Hire, Kidnapping,
Human Trafficking, Weapons Trafficking,
Drug Trafficking, Extortion,

Escuadrón de la muerte de Cuauhtémoc (English: Cuauhtémoc's Death Squad), also known as EMC is a group of hitmen who operate within Mexico and the state of San Andreas, more specifically Los Santos and its surrounding Counties. EMC are considered by the Mexican Authorities as the armed wing for the Cártel de Cabo San Lucas, known in the United States as the Zuquilanda Molinero Organization. Although informants for both the United States' DEA and the Mexican Police and Army all claim that ZMO have been operating in San Andreas since mid 2000's and that EMC also migrated to the United States the same time to provide the Cartel with much needed security and muscle. Within Mexico's borders, EMC are very open about their executions and kidnappings. The Mexican Government claim that EMC have garnered a large reputation within the Narco Community for their aggressiveness and tendency for violence. EMC in the United States has been said to be non-existent. The DEA, FBI and local Police agencies all claim that EMC has not setup home within the country and that the informants claims do not back up the evidence that is currently available at this time. If the EMC have been operating on US soil since the mid 2000's they have no been operating in the same style as they have been in Mexico.

The last known official leader of the group has been said to be Arturo “El Sicario” Trevino. Trevino has been seen both within the United States and Mexico, thus confirming partially that EMC has been within the United States at one point. Trevino garnered his nickname "El Sicario" from his time within the Mexican Military and his reforms to the organization when he became the leader of the group. In the late 1990's Trevino allegedly shot and killed a United States DEA Agent, Dale Wilson, who the DEA claimed to be investigating the Sinaloa Cartel, a larger and much more powerful Cartel than that of ZMO. As a result of this murder Trevino has been wanted by the United States for more than 10 years, a large cash reward has been in place and Trevino has not surfaced since 2004, after the capture of Juan "El Toro" Zuquilanda Molinero.

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