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Elijah during his 13th birthday.

Early Years (1999-2009)Edit

Elijah Hudson, born and raised in the Los Santos district, grew up in the gang-ridden Ganton area. Inflicted with poverty and crime rates rising, his parents could not manage with the consistant 'looking over their shoulders' everywhere they walked, and so Elijah's father took to the police department in 2003. After serving three years in the force, and reaching the rank of Sergeant, he was operating in a gang task-force when multiple slugs from a Spaz-12 were fired upon him by a large group of gang members. His family was breaking apart slowly, and with Elijah only being six years of age, his life would begin to get worse and worse each day. Gang members constantly threatened his mother and Elijah each time they walked home from the school-runs, would enter the properties of the dysfunctional projects and continue to steal items from each unoccupied apartment. In 2008, a few weeks before his ninth birthday, the gang terrorising the area became defunct after multiple leaders were arrested for countless charges including murder, burglary and rape.

Getting Started (2014)Edit

During his time in the Ganton Projects, his family began to grow stronger again. His mother unfortunately became unwell which caused Elijah to pursue a way to make easy and quick money for his dysfunctional family. He took to the streets and eventually formed up with the Brimstone Made Mafia. His transformation to the illegal life left him feeling constantly shy and aware of his surroundings. His mother died in July 2014 from terminal cancer. He currently resides on the Brimstone Projects.

Present Day (2015) Edit

Due to the disbandment of the Brimstone Made Mafia in mid-2014, Elijah was left with nothing to rely on. He lives with his brother Cyrus Hudson on the Brimstone Projects. Elijah still lives and breathes Brimstone which may lead him to become a known criminal within the area, as his violent tendencies have not been lived down.

Known CrimesEdit

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