Edison Wallace
Biographical information



March 12th, 1995

Physical description



192 CM

Hair color

Jet Black

Eye color

Light blue

Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Leroy Wallace (Father)
Casper Wallace (Brother)


Benjamin's Crew

Miscellaneous information

Edinson Leroy Wallace, also known with his street name - Leyo, is street criminal, connected with drug trafficking, vehicle thefts and many beatings. He grew up in the Los Santos' orphanage, where he became violent and a tough person. He was reported multiple times to the police about his behavior and the victims, beaten by him. He is strongly affiliated with the Knuckles crew, part of the Benjamin's crew. His role there is Enforcer.

At his early-mid age, Edinson, togheter with his brother Casper went to the East side of the Los Santos and met a few other African-Americans just like them. Edinson really enjoyed the atmosphere and the attitude of the people there and he decided to stay there, of course togheter with his brother.

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