Claire White
Biographical information

Crystal Claire




15th December, 1993

Physical description



168 cm

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

James White
Alice White

Miscellaneous information


Claire White (15th Dec, 1992) is an unemployed woman living in Los Santos, San Andreas.



White does not work anywhere because she is unemployed. The only experience she got is part-time as a bartender at a pub in south Idlewood, Los Santos. She entered an internship with the Los Santos Network but quit barely a month in, she believes she was harassed because of her social and economical class. White felt that she never belonged at the network. White is unsure of her future and does not have a dream job.


White is a twenty-two year old woman. She does not have children of her own. Neither is she involved in a relationship or romantic interest. White was born and raised in north Idlewood, San Andreas by her two parents. Her childhood was ordinary in relation to her parents Socioeconomic status. The most important event in her upbringing occurred in her late teens. She became pregnant and had an abortion against her parents word. In response her parents decided to throw White out on the streets. The event was traumatic because of the big change in her life. White did however finish senior high-school. She is not considered either book-smart or street-smart but average in many ways. She is not religious but neither identifies herself as an atheist.




White looks older than she is. With a fair vision loss White is forced to either use glasses or contacts. She prefers contacts and rarely uses her glasses outside of her apartment. They make her feel nerdy and unattractive, she believes. White is a brunette with coarse hair. Some of her highlights are brighter than the others. Her hairstyle is fringes. White weighs in at sixty-four kilograms and stands at one-hundred and sixty-eight centimeters tall. She is short of stature and weak in build. White still got curves in all the rights places. She looks normal, she believes meanwhile many would argue that she's a beautiful woman. White is a Caucasian female of American nationality. She looks every bit an American, judging from the shape of her face, skin tone and type. Her face is round with an undefined and barely pointed chin. She has a feminine and soft jaw line. She does not have any marks, scars or tattoos that would mar her face. She speaks with a common west-coast accent.



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