Armani Bolden
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August 2nd, 1993 (Age: 21)
Los Santos, San Andreas

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Familial and political information
Known family

Destiny Bolden (Mother)
Jayvaughn Koroning (Father, estranged)
Kennedy Bolden (Grandmother)
Jaylen Tamara (Daughter, estranged)
Kenyon Bolden (Brother)


Atlantica Avenue Hoover Criminals

Armani Bolden is a Los Santos native, born and raised by his mother and grandmother in the Saint Francis Projects before moving to Tar street in 1998 with his grandmother, his mother remaining in the Saint Francis Projects. He is a notable member of the Atlantica Avenue Hoover Criminals and despite his age, is a suspected drug kingpin and criminal for the Atlantica Avenue Hoover Criminals. He allegedly leads the organization alongside close friend Milford Vinson, a close friend to Bolden who took Malik Webster's Underboss position following his death.

Bolden has recently begun pursuing a rap career, remaining decidedly unknown amongst the rap community. He is a self proclaimed "gangster rapper," and frequently refers to his run-ins with the LSPD, rival gangs and police-informants in his lyrics, as well as paying homage to the Atlantica Avenue Hoover Criminals.

Armani was killed in mid-October, 2014 in a shootout with LSPD officers following the murder of officer Tom Askeland. Armani was killed alongside Tyreke Rivers.