Adrian O'Neil
Biographical information

Adrian Bertone




19th April, 1979
Los Santos, San Andreas

Physical description

Irish - American



Hair color

Dirty Blonde

Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Brennan O'Neil (Father)
Maria Bertone (Mother)
Jack O'Neil (Uncle)


The O'Neil's Mob
North Jefferson Mob (Formerly)

Miscellaneous information


Adrian O'Neil is American gangster of Irish descent who in past was highly involved in various illegal activities within local Los Santos Irish mob and other criminal organisations. Since 2008 O'Neil went missing and there were no news about him until present day.

Early life Edit

Adrian was born to Irish - American father and Italian American mother in mostly Irish populated neighbourhood called Jefferson. The couple was never married. Adrian's mother was long time mistress of mobster Brennan O'Neil who was Adrian's biological father. After Adrian's birth Brennan cut his ties with Maria, disowned Adrian as a son and didn't acknowledge him as his child till Adrian started to go to school at age of 7. Until then Adrian's name was Adrian Bertone and it is known he still used this surname as nickname in his adulthood. While raising Adrian didn't see his father around much cause he was already married and by that time he had 5 childern with his wife. Maria and Adrian became secret family to Breenan although they didn't continue their romantic relationship. About Adrian's existance were known only by his father, mother and his uncle Jack, who is believed to persuaded Breenan to acknowledge Adrian as his son. From age of 16 to 18 Adrian first met his half siblings and started to hang out with them, although communicating with them didn't turn out into a friendship.